Sound Effects

One of my favorite aspects of being an audio engineer is foley, the art of creating sound effects. Whether it’s recording in the field or creating digital sound effects from scratch, I’m always happy to help with adding the perfect sound effects to any project.


Coming soon- Sound Effect Asset Bundles for Sale!

I’m currently in the process of setting up shop in the Unity Store, Unreal Engine Marketplace, and the Game Dev Market. More updates will be coming shortly, but some sound effect bundles in the works include:

  • Household Sounds

  • Background Ambiance (Cities, Forests, and Beaches)

  • Digital SFXs

  • Horror (Monsters, Gross Sounds, and Background Ambiance)

  • Weather

  • Animal Noises


Foley- Recording in the Field or Creating from Scratch

I have the ability to create sounds in a multitude of different ways, including:

  • Creating digital sounds completely from scratch, including 8-bit style, robotic or mechanical sound effects, and digital background ambiance or music (Example of ambiance- “Empty Halls”- 2019)

  • Recording sounds in the field

  • Creating hybrid sounds- a mix between sounds recorded in the field and digital sounds


Looking for a Foley Artist/Sound Designer?

I’m currently available for commissions for sound design. Looking for a sound designer for an entire project, or maybe you just need one or two specific sounds recorded? Either way, feel free to reach out!