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My name is Marisa Ewing, and I am an audio engineer, composer, sound designer and musician based in Washington, D.C. I write for many different genres, from orchestral scores to ambient soundscapes to 8-bit music. I work as a recording and mixing engineer for music, film, and video games. I also love making and recording sound effects (Foley), and heavily incorporate sound effects into my music.

I graduated with two B.A.s, one in audio production and the other in music with a specialization in film and game sound. I’m currently taking classes to become certified in Wwise (a video game audio software) and to learn more about coding to make music and video games. I’ve worked many different audio jobs, including being a studio assistant, live sound engineer at a concert venue and a church, and as a community outreach coordinator for Women in Audio.

I have experience in the following areas:

  • Music composition

  • Foley (the art of creating and recording sound effects)

  • Recording (music, vocals/narration, and sound effects)

  • Mixing (music, vocals/narration, and sound effects)

  • Live Sound

  • Instrument Performance (flute, basic piano and guitar, and digital instrument creation)

  • Video Game Creation (coding in C#) and Video Game Sound

  • Arranging Music

  • Film Audio/Music and Sound

I do freelance work and commissions as well, so feel free to contact me if you would be interested an original piece, recording, or mix.