Sound can make all the difference in the success of a film. From recording narration to mixing sound, I make sure to pay attention to every detail to create high quality film.

(Films marked est. have not been officially released) 

“Bobble” (EST. 2019)

Directed by Mary Alice McMillan, this short film focuses on Professor Ross E. Davies, a law Professor and Editor-in-Chief of “The Green Bag,” a law journal. Besides editing “The Green Bag,” he also creates bobble heads of Supreme Court justices, which are featured in the film.

Bobble Title Screen.png

“Swipe Left” (est. 2019)

Directed by Kayla Lattimore, “Swipe Left” focuses on the struggles that people of color face when using dating apps, including racial fetishization and racism.

More information on this film coming soon.

"Like or Subscribe" (2018)

This film was started as an undergrad thesis at American University. Directed by Sam Ferguson, "Like or Subscribe" tells the story of two YouTubers decide to rob a film festival for views. I mixed the sound for the entire film, focusing on blending audio recorded in multiple locations. The film is to be released in 2018.


Borneo's Vanishing Tribe (2018)

"Borneo's Vanishing Tribe" is a documentary focusing on the "Dayak" people of Indonesia. It focuses on the conflict between the palm oil industry (which brings in huge revenue) versus the drastic environmental harm and deforestation stemming from the industry. It also focuses on the how the Dayak people, who have always been tied to the forest, are navigating this new world.

I recorded the narration for this film.

More information about this project can be found here.

"Freelancers: The open road" (2018)


"Freelancers" is a student made documentary focusing on the work done by freelance journalists across the world. Each episode is dedicated to a different country, and the first episode focusing on journalists in Mexico was released in 2018. I worked to record the narration for the sizzle reel and first episode, and I mixed all audio for the sizzle reel.


"Just Fabric"- (2018)

"Just Fabric" is a student made film that seeks to explain the clothing of Muslim Women with the goal of destigmatizing the hijab. I recorded the narration for this film.


"Fire and ice on the mountain" (2017) 


Created for the Center for Latin American Studies at American University, "Fire and Ice on the Mountain" focuses on the intersection between religion and climate change in Peru. I recorded all of the film’s narration and mixed the audio for the full film. It premiered in 2018.